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I want you to know: when your body fails you, you know that I won’t 

from SOME KIND OF LIGHT out 9/24 on Trekky Records.

tickets go on sale for the Mountain Goats duo-style Twin Inhuman Highway Fiends tour TODAY and guess who’s opening for us, only LOAMLANDS, who are truly great and who bring the Durham quotient of the proceedings to near-nova proportions. so proud of Kym and Will and everybody involved with this beautiful record and can’t wait to hear them play these songs live every night 

nb I don’t constantly flog HEY TICKETS ARE ON SALE GO GET ‘EM posts and people sometimes say “I didn’t know you were touring and I missed out!” so please be advised that if a Mountain Goats duo tour sounds like a good time to you the tickets go on sale today! I don’t know at exactly what hour though. Whatever hour they do go on sale however will henceforth and ever after be known as the HOUR OF THE GOAT see you in June! or earlier if you’re at the solo dates later this month but June at the latest!